Saturday, August 18, 2007


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2003_big nurse starts here with some uninspired jamming and the like. somewhere in the midst of all the
confusion, we see the light and give birth to our first "SINGLE" who wants to kill the president?
more jamming, more dope, more inspiration.

2004_so we do our thing for a while in a storage locker, and then unrelease our fucked-up, half-assed punker
tunes on the unsuspecting masses of a little known college town where we attended school,
murfreesboro, tn. by this point we've already recorded most of the material that would later end up on
our first release(not to mention the 1st high density release), American Waste, the following year.

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the four fellows coming from seemingly different musical backgrounds somehow make weirdo-punker
stuff without the attitude or the anger. more like if the butthole surfers were from ohio or something.
mostly just played shows and recorded and nobody really gave a shit about us or what we were doing
with the exception of our friends. most bands in the area thought we were a total joke, and that we
"couldn't PLAY" our instruments.

[note]_big nurse released a self-titled cdr prior to the HD imprint which featured early takes of classic big nurse tunes and an alternate mix of who wants to kill... as it appears on the 1st 7"

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