Wednesday, November 28, 2007

what's happening!!!!!!!THIS WEEK

tennessee folks

December, 1 2007

625 Greenland Ave.
murfreesboro, tn


all rad all local all FREE.


oakland dwellers

Saturday, December 1

21 Grand [25 & Broadway]
Oakland, ca
9:00 PM

Cellblock (members of expets, coughs)
Must Have No Magic
Pebbles & BamBam (members of 16 bitch pile-up, child pornography)
Parasitic Wig (featuring the members of big nurse, double trouble!/free agitation)

Friday, November 23, 2007

we get review...sort of

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Sunday 8/11. Now that was a good day for music. Started out with Noise Pancakes at ArtSF. Free Agitation was a lot like Big Nurse. Exactly alike? Mostly (entirely?) the same people doing pretty much the same thing, though I guess rocking maybe a little less. Psychy noisy near-rock. Kinda good. Missed Xambuca while moving my car around. Social Junk were another quasi-rock noise band. Earned some points by kicking things off with some serious power chord strumming rock after a short intro. Kept the energy up throughout the set. Cool. Scott Arford had a recording of little toy guitars playing dueling banjos. He got this going on his laptop and processed it into walls of noise. Fun. Chris Brown did some skittery Max MSP shit, doing a little bit of contact mic metal processing. I liked it. The whole show was increasingly good. Nice way to start out a Sunday.

Over in Oakland, nobody was BBQing anything when I got to Terminal. I did. Pod Blotz was first. Best set I've ever seen her/them do. Stripped down solo version. No costume. Very musical and interesting. Nice shit from Gerritt as well. You know what he sounds like. I pumped my fist in the smoky air. I wasn't captivated enough by Flaspar or the repeat sets by Social Junk or Free Agitation (I think maybe it was Big Nurse this time) to really watch them.

social junk _bus show 8/11/07

BIG NURSE 8/11/07

from cassettegods

Monday, September 3, 2007

BIG NURSE “Alive II: No Youth Movement Left” (High Density Headache)

Tennessee’s Big Nurse ripped through the West Coast a couple weeks ago playing the sort of mass-mind 6-piece communal art-punk that it seems like most folks out here have given up on (in favor of solo/small projects or song-based stuff). The 3 drummers, 2 guitarist, 1 bass crew shredded one endless, pounding, deafening car crash of glorious noise for 12 minutes, then threw their shit on the floor and were done. Perfect. This tape, however, ain’t really like that. “Alive II” finds BN experimenting with every nook/cranny of their arsenal, resulting in a strange collage of blown out rock wanderings, sparse practice-taped vagueness, and overt noise wastelands. The live unity/cohesion vision has been ditched in favor of endless homeless amplified teenage puke. Which, suffice to say, has a different charm all its own. Maybe not essential listening, but definitely an authentic slab of unedited weirdo southern psych-trash, appropriate for many fucked/desperate occasions.


....And speaking of incredibly old, why the hell did it take me like two years to listen to this Big Nurse single, "Who Wants To Kill The President?" b/w "Electrocute Your Cock"? The A side is a wrenching dubbed-out mental howl of a protest song, the singer asking the title question over and over, continually sending it through a meat-grinder of trippy effects while the rest of the instruments just wrong the fuck out in some kind of unknown rhythmic truth. The B side, as many of you have already surmised, is a Vom cover. In it, the band turns what was actually a pretty straight-ahead song into a feedback-laden cubist disaster that somehow never stops moving forward. Released on their own High Density Headache record label, check their blog for discog info and wistful imagery of weird youth gone rad......


punk and psych noise from arizona, sacramento, and da bay


09:45 PM till lateeeee [6am?]
5hop///write offbored for directs[];]

Free! Free! Free!

Vampire SS
Double Trouble/Parasitic Wig
Mel Gibson and the Pants
Tent City
Systematic Anaesthetic
Owlbeemoth and Friends